HT Vista

Cancer is the leading cause of death in 47% of dogs and 32% of cats over ten years old. Early detection improves chances of success with treatment and prognosis. HT Vista helps veterinarians identify malignant cancer early, significantly improving the survival rate for many patients.

HT Vista enables a non-invasive, real-time screening of cutaneous and subcutaneous masses at the point of care. It delivers actionable and accurate results within minutes in just a few simple steps. HT Vista is designed to meet the growing demand for onsite services and advanced diagnostics. This unique platform is built to complement existing cytology and histopathology services to improve the standard of care.

HT Vista delivers a new level of confidence in cancer detection. A simple 1-10 scoring system enables critical, real-time communication with pet owners within five minutes. With a negative predictive value of 98%, HT Vista is the ideal screening tool. This means when a mass is declared as benign, there is a high likelihood (98%) that the mass is truly benign and not a false negative result.